Restaurant furniture and interior design based on individual project by ZORA STYLE

Are you planning to open your own restaurant? If so, you have to think about a few important factors when choosing furniture and decoration. The type of food and drinks to be served reflects on the atmosphere – more conservative or exotic – and thus on the style of the furniture too. Nowadays, more and more restaurants are being thematically dedicated to a particular stratum, depending on people’s culture, preference, occupation, etc. The furnishing of the place provokes corresponding moods and emotions. The location of your restaurant is of prime significance for the choice of furniture. Whether it is in the mountains, by the sea or in a modern urban environment – similarly, the furniture will be carried out in rustic, classical, maritime or a more contemporary fashion. The range of colours is of special importance for creating the desired atmosphere. Colours affect human psyche and not all of them are suitable for bringing your ideas to life. Paying attention to small details, when choosing the furniture, is significant for the set-up of a restaurant, café or a bar. Furnishing the place is a complex task. Often, the success of the restaurant depends on that process, on the concept and its executor.

Going to a restaurant with friends or with a partner, we pay attention not only to the location, service and menu, but also to comfort. Many among us would like to feel differently in a restaurant – not exactly like at our own house. Others, on the contrary, want to sense the cosiness of home. Furniture plays a key role for your good mood.

If you would like to get ideas about the perfect furnishing of your restaurant, we are at your service.

“Zora Style” Furniture Company can meet your expectations about designing and producing the furniture. The high quality of our product is guaranteed by our professionalism, skillful choice of materials, matching colours and decors, and use ornamental fittings. We work with materials by leading European companies – MFC, MDF, solid wood, stains and lacquers, mechanisms and fittings – having the respective EU certificates. We possess our own factory, machine stock, department for surface treatment of veneered or painted MDF, metalwork department, warehouses – all of these are factors, making us independent and capable of meeting all contractual terms.