3D visualization projects

provide you the most realistic idea for your interior design and furniture you order.

Why do you need a 3D project?

Because you will be able to see the characteristics of your furnishing before it is constructed. 3D project is an invaluable tool in the field of interior, furniture design and choice of colors and lighting.

3D visualization is a preliminary "action plan" which gives you an idea of the overall interior feel even before you have taken an investment in furniture, lighting and choice of colors. Therefore 3D project will save you money as you keep frequent errors such as combination of colors, proportions in the design of furniture, lighting of premises.

Our 3D graphics provide you with a maximum realistic picture and help you to make a decision.

"Zora Style" makes 3D designs and visualizations of custom furniture for home (kitchens, bedrooms, children's rooms, living room, hallways, bathrooms, closets) and business (offices, restaurants, pharmacies, shops, SPA booths).

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