Warranty for custom made and individual project furniture

 The ease of our clients is a high priority of ours and the warranty, which we give, is a proof of this.

Each piece of furniture, sold by “Zora Style”, comes with a warranty card, which secures 24 months of warranty service, starting from the date of signing the hand-over protocol.

Over the years we have proved that we stand behind our clients from the moment they first reach us and as long as they own a product branded “Zora Style”.

We offer out-of-warranty maintenance too.

After the warranty expires, our furniture makers are at your disposal too, if you should need them.

Zora Style” offers high quality warranty and out-of-warranty service.

Thanks to the implemented quality management system, in compliance with the ISO 9001-2008 standards, we can precisely and accurately respond to each signal.

Our out-of-warranty service is available to both individual and corporate customers.