DESIGN - how do we work for you?

We can visualize and fulfill your desires in the smallest details - for your home or your business!

We prepare 3D projects so you can get a realistic idea

Our designers in the showroom of "Zora Style" create for you functional, innovative and different solutions for any of your home or business space. Our team of designers and furniture manufacturers will offer both unique, stylish, modern and practical furniture and interior.

Before you visit our showroom, be prepared:

1. See pictures of the desired furniture or interior design from our website, the Internet, magazines or your relatives and acquaintances. Pick anything that you noticed. The aim is to gather and combine for your future furnishing everything you like.

2. You must measure your space where you plan to be located your future furniture with all electrical and plumbing points. It is not necessary your measurements to be absolutely accurate, they will only help us to prepare 3D project for you. After signing a contract, our team will professionally measure everything for your home or business.

Within a week we will make a project that will discuss with you in our showroom. After your final approval you will receive by e-mail a detailed offer within 3 working days.

The design and calculation of individual furnishing is a process that requires creative design time and time to calculate all materials.

You can view and discuss the 3D project made for you only in our showroom. In case you want to make an inquiry to other furniture companies, you can purchase the project from us. In case that you order furniture ot interior design from us, then the amount you paid for the project will be deducted from the total price.

Our clients often come to us with a sketch drawn from them or with a photo downloaded from the Internet, a magazine in hand, and often without any idea ... .From where will we start? For us it does not matter.

The creation of furniture for us is our everyday, but for our client it is an event! We treat you with respect and understanding of this fact and that is why we welcome everyone with a smile and good mood. We are up to the client to make this part of his life beautiful and pleasant memory.