Living room furniture design by ZORA STYLE

Are you looking for an adequate and stylish TV stand for you home? Set your imagination free. At “Zora Style” you can find excellent TV stands and furniture for your living room at a fine price.

We produce a variety of TV stands in different styles – retro, modern, irregular.

A bookcase is always a good investment for a home. It must suit your interests and taste. It could be in harmony with the rest of the furniture or it could be an accent for your house.

What is typical for a bookcase?

Bookcases differ in structure – they can cover the whole wall, can be one-piece or modular, can be made of different materials – MFC, MDF (veneered or painted), with metal elements – shelves can be open or behind doors.

You can trust “Zora Style” to offer you an excellent bookcase for your dwelling.

Why choose us? We have a long experience in furniture making, as well as our own factory. We can suggest non-standard bookcase solutions, according to your preference. It’s important that you feel comfortable at home. We are at your service.

We prize highly our clients’ satisfaction. Our furniture is distinguished for its durability, reliability and convenience.